Published on October 6th, 2012 | by Ashley Sheets

Marry Your Money and Your Ethics

Without money we cannot live to our fullest creative potential – yet many people running heart-based businesses struggle with their finances. If you want to succeed in business, then you need to think deeply about your relationship with money...

Are You a Martyr to Money?

Do you feel you should be doing this ‘good’ work and suffer guilty pangs about being paid for it? Did you grow up in a poor household that held beliefs about rich people or money being evil? Many of us were brought up with the ideas of scarcity and that you had to WORK HARD for any kind of compensation; that you couldn’t possibly enjoy working. If your parents were raised during the Second World War or in the post war years, and experienced real shortages, perhaps they passed values onto you.

Move Financially Forward

To move your business financially forward means a marriage between your ethics and your money. Money is just a form of energy; it’s our exchange medium in this world and is passed around continuously. Remember, there is enough money for everyone on the planet to have the life they enjoy.

If you want to succeed in business, then you need to think deeply about your relationship with money. It means being congruent about what you charge for your products or services. Can you look your customer straight in the eye and give them your price? Does it bring up any negative feelings that you can’t quite explain? There are many tools in the self-development arena that can help you overcome money blocks such as life coaching, psychotherapy (CBT), and Emotional Freedom Technique (emotional acupuncture).

Thoughts, Feelings and Action!

Ariel Nazryan, an Acton alumni, recently commented on the Forbes website that:

“A principled entrepreneur, or a principled person for that matter, doesn’t earn that title by thinking or feeling core values, but by acting according to them. Leading a principled life therefore involves not only soul-searching, but forethought and planning. For many of us, it should also include setting aside enough money to buy the freedom, when someone has you over a barrel, to say, “F*** you!” (or the more diplomatic phrase of your choice), and walk away.”

This takes us back to the idea that without money we don’t have access to our fullest amount of freedom or creative potential. We need money for all types of good things: green investments, charity, to feed our family, take well-deserved breaks, help other family members and to enjoy life to its fullest. Together with the concept of a ‘F*** you’ fund, it gives us the stability to make ethical decisions and consistently stand by our values.

What is your relationship with money? Do you see it as simply energy? Do you give stuff away too easily or mumble when you give a quote? Make some changes today by making a commitment to examine your relationship with money and discover new tools to explore any negative beliefs you hold. By using these tools, you can create a harmonious marriage of money and ethics that, if honed with thought, feeling and action will provide you with a fabulous golden wedding anniversary.

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