Meet the Team

Holly Dawson
Holly Dawson has spent the last five years writing and editing for a wide range of print and online   publications. Prior to this, she was busy in the third sector, drawing on her LSE degree and frontline experience to drive strategic change in not-for-profit organisations. She now specialises in supporting ethical businesses and third sector companies achieve their media and marketing goals.

Tara Gould
Tara is a writer who communicates ideas and information creatively for companies and third sector organisations that really mean something to her, both on and offline. She has had both fiction and non-fiction published and broadcast, and has had experience within a diversity of industries from film production to natural building to marketing to event managing. She is excited and fascinated by how, in an age of burgeoning global communication and ‘reputation capital’, more and more businesses must strive to marry social and environmental responsibility with making profit.

Kate Marillat
After a sales and marketing background working with brands such as Budweiser, Kate went freelance in 2009. Combining her selling adaptability, creative flair and innate writing passion, she became a successful web copywriter with market leaders in her portfolio. Kate is interested in combining the psychology of writing and runs workshops using Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT/Tapping). These workshops empower writers to end self-sabotage and write with ease. With her wide range of experience, she understands the need to combine profit and ethical authenticity through the power of compelling words.

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